Phew.  Okay, it’s been a whirlwind trying to figure moving websites out. I was worried Wix wouldn’t work well with my blog and unfortunately I was right… AFTER designing the website and moving everything over to Wix, I discovered they are not the best platform for blogging (no “follow blog” button, formatting posts and getting them to stay is a pain, no easy sidebar options, etc).
Unfortunately, I’m moving again ha.  I wanted to quickly do this –even while tweaking the newer design–  since I’ve only been on Wix for a week (awesome) and before everything gets settled.  But I’m so happy with the response I got with moving (over 120 views in the past week!).  Thank you for moving along with me!
A Little Southern Grace will be moving to  I debated getting this for a while (even before starting with, and finally jumped in and paid the fee for my own domain/hosting for the next 3 years.
Sorry for all the confusion if you’ve been jumping around with me!!  The blog will definitely stay on WordPress.
Here’s the link for the PERMANENT (promise) blog:  A LITTLE SOUTHERN GRACE.
(I’ll be deleting this website in a couple weeks once SG is on a roll again…)

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