Camp NaNoWriMo – September Edition

So there’s not technically a NaNoWriMo in September (it’s definitely not the national novel month). But, hey, they already have Camp NaNoWriMo so why not just take the challenge whenever you feel like it?


I’m not going to sound like a broken record and describe how I missed writing while at camp but one thing’s for sure. I need to write. Big time.

(Oo and I’m writing a big end-of-summer camp post now – just waiting on pictures!)

This entire summer three stories needed to get out of my head and onto paper and two of them have been bugging me for years. I’m writing them this month because, despite school starting, I don’t have a huge work load (yay for gap year/breakish thing!). I have told myself this so many times but hopefully this time, with the blog, I can stay on target and at least get some words down on paper.


…And being the procrastinator/non-planning type I am, I just decided to make my own challenge today, ten days before September, so here goes nothing!

the stories

The Davidson Effect and The Dove of Hope. Both stories that I’ve written before and *ahem* did not cooperate. TDOH has one complete draft from 2012 that I’m rewriting and TDE needs a whole new first draft. Yay.

The third story is a children’s story about a bear cub. That’s all I have so far haha. The main purpose of this story is to draw my own illustrations to go along with it.

the plan

I’ll be treating this month just like a Camp NaNoWriMo: make my own goal and try to reach that goal in one month.  For this challenge, I’m going to low-ball it….20 K words. That’s about 667 words per day.

The goal is to pick one story and write the entire 20K words on that plot, but it may turn out to be words strewn here and there between the three stories. That’s the fun in not planning until right before the challenge I suppose!

Are you doing any challenges this month? What stories have been itching at your brain?


Sorry for the short post! I’ve been home for 10 days today and can’t wait to tell you guys about camp. I just need those photos from the camp photographer *crosses fingers they’re posted soon*.


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