Camp Update #2: June Happenings (And July)

I’m halfway done with my job here at camp – five weeks in and five weeks left.  We all have the morning off before new campers arrived so I wanted to spend some time writing up some type of posts for you wonderful followers. Because you deserve it. And because I miss writing.
So…June. Lovely June. It feels like it’s been the craziest month of the year so far.


My gross legs (you’re welcome)

Work is a biggie this month and I’m excited to add it to one of my topics for these monthly highlight posts.  As I said in my previous post, I was mostly working kitchen but thankfully I’ve been scheduled for recreational activities for the last few weeks. Yes, it’s hot. Yes, I have to drink 100+ ounces of water. But it’s totally amazing!

Everyone here is absolutely incredible and nice and friendly and funny and godly. I’ve been asked how my day is going dozens of times a day which really helped me feel at home when I first got here and was super homesick. I’ve made some friends here that are encouraging and enjoy talking about anything and everything.


That being said, I’m excited to start a new job after camp. It’s still a month away but where to work after is already on my mind. I don’t want to get lazy in between this crazy job and whenever I find another job.  A bonus with camp: I learned (1) I don’t like food service too much, (2) Outdoor recreation is much more fun that I expected, and (3) Elementary school kids are my favorite.

If I could find a job that ties in to one of those points, it would be great! I’ll keep you updated 🙂

~Life & Family~

With breaks here and there, I have tons of time to think about things which is a blessing.  School, colleges, jobs after camp, writing, family, plans, blogging, etc.

When I’m not at camp, I’m at home and I’m so thankful I’m one of the employees who lives so close to camp (about 50 minutes).  Although I missed Father’s Day and July 4th celebrations, we were able to make a pie and sing happy birthday to my brother when I was off a couple days after his birthday. And my other brother sends me photos like this to remind me of home… So sweet.  

Our baby of the family, Beau

Yesterday, I was able to get off early and Seth drove me to the park to talk with the girls while all the guys played baseball. We grabbed a quick fruit drink on the way home and watched part of a movie on the couch with his family before I had to leave. It was amazing.


I took another SAT early last month but I finally got the scores in for my first one I took in May. GUYS.  I was automatically accepted into Texas A&M University!!!  *squeals*  Boy, was that a surprise.

This makes things much easier as I have to apply for colleges while I’m camp. 🙂

I’ve also decided to take a year to do community college classes to both finish up my one or two classes to graduate and to fill in the time before going to a 4-year university. (I’m loving these hours to think about things like this!) This way I can save a little money on core classes, live local for a little bit longer because I’m a complete homebody, and still go to college in the fall (instead of early, in the spring) while staying busy.


Again I’ve had plenty of free time to think which also means free time to read. Wahoo! I honestly haven’t read books in forever.


Read books: 

To Kill A Mockingbird – INCREDIBLE book. I loved every second of it. The characters, plot, and interesting story kept the book in my hands every free second I had.

Current books: 

The Great Gatsby

Rifles for Watie

The Hobbit 


I miss blogging so much. As soon as camp is over, I’ll pick up blogging again along with work and school. So please please please stay with me here!! I promise I’ll be back.



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