Working at the Property

My dad’s mom visited us last weekend and drove all the way from Alabama. Once in town, she bought a variety of flowers, plants, and landscaping materials to help us spruce up our yard. Although most of the plants she brings us usually die within a couple weeks (whoops), I think these will last longer seeing as they’re the only landscaping we have right now!

While she was here, we spent most of the weekend outside, mowing, digging, and planting. My mom mowed near our house and driveway on our big tractor as well as making a trail around the property for us to run on. I love how everything looks after it’s been mowed: crisp and clean.



My sister grabbed the push mower while we were working in the front and cut down the places my mom couldn’t reach with the big tractor.



My grandma bought 50 cement blocks to cover the muddy entry in front of our door. After leveling them out, we added the grass she had bought and planted flowers in the two pots on either side of the door. We’ll be planting grass in the rest of yard a bit later. It looks much more colorful now!




We planted a few hibiscus flowers in the pot on the side porch, where we added a temporary fence for our dog when we first moved in.




My mom and grandma decided to plant the roses on either side of the barn doors on the side of the house. Those will be gorgeous in a few years – if they last that long. 🙂



We also dug a trench out from the house and buried the internet wire leading from the house to the pole. Then I got up in the tractor bucket and spray painted as much as the pole as possible and tried not to look down. I am terrified of like heights.

Overall, it was a very productive day! And any day that ends in ice cream is amazing 🙂



It’s definitely starting to feel more homey as we get more furniture and decorations.




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