May, Movies, & Moving Out

April is gone and school comes to an end this month. This school year wasn’t even very busy but it’s still a relief to be finishing and jumping into the summer (although it was 59 F this morning. Thanks, Texas weather). I’ve seen a couple fellow bloggers post an overview of their April along with goals for May – sounded like a fun idea!

~April Highlights~

April was great.

  • HOMESCHOOL FORMAL. It was a blast. My table included most of my friends that came along which was so nice since I rarely saw them the rest of the time in a mix of over 420 people. Nearly four hours of partner dancing, dinner, chatting, line dances, etc. I even won a door prize – score! They also had a photo booth for people who arrived before dinner started which is completely awesome. Seth and I took a few. Who knew how hard it was to decide what to do for the pictures?


  • I finished my government/economics class. Only five left before I graduate.
  • I GOT A JOB!! My interviewer said the job was mine after our last minute phone interview was over. *queue internal screaming *  After training on June 7th, I’ll be a camp counselor at Camp Tejas! I’ll be staying on the camp for most of the summer which will be a big change! I’m not technically moving out, but it went along with the M’s in my title. Haha.
  • Flooding. Lots and lots of rain which means our “100 year” flood plain collects all this rain and about a third of our 60 acres floods. It’s awesome 🙂
  • I got my first flat tire. Not really sure if this is exactly a highlight but, hey, I didn’t swerve and die! *cheers*

Goals Completed


A few weeks ago, I posted 16 Things I Want to Do in 2016 and I was able to complete one of the goals in April. Yay!

  • Get a job. Check!


Page views: 48. Not too many but since I only started this blog in March, I’m happy!

New followers: 3. Thank you!!

Posts: 6.

~Hello, May!~

A quick photo of our driveway at our new house!

May should be fun!  I’m taking the SAT early Saturday morning with finals the following couple weeks finals.  My boyfriend is leaving for his naval cruise. And I’ll learn more about the job starting next month. Can’t wait!



  • Write 5,000 words for a novel.  Either with The Davidson Effect of The Dove of Hope. I really need to finish these.
  • Start editing Andrew’s story. One of my classmates from my online composition class was looking for editors so I signed up!
  • Go through Abi’s story and edit.  I’ve known Abi for years through church and she’s been sharing chapters of her novel every few days for editing.


Blog Goals

Some small goals this month since this is the first time setting blogging goals..

Page views: 75.

New followers: 4

Posts: 8.

A Couple Upcoming Posts


These will appear sometime in the next month, among a few others that have yet to be planned. I’m very organized. 🙂

See you around!


//How was your April? Any plans this month?



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