Rewriting “The Davidson Effect”: Part One

I finally sat down and wrote something.  I haven’t written or read anything unrelated to school in a very long time.  Extremely long.  So, starting at the beginning of the story, I’m going to document rewriting one of my main novels from scratch while I try to push through this little writing block (I guess you could call it that?).

The Davidson Effect has already been featured on a couple of blog posts but I love its characters so much, it needed to be the one featured on this series! Here’s a short overview I did a couple weeks back (A Peak Inside the Story) in case you want to check that out.

~Step One: Brainstorming~

Starting off, I brainstormed the basic story idea with a fellow writer to see if it sounded as doable as it did in my head. After coming up with several scene ideas and points that needed to happen some way along the story, I typed up a summary of these scenes, along with important backstory information and a list of main characters.

~Step Two: Organizing~

Next – the fun part! I organized the scene ideas, summarizing them in one or two sentences instead of leaving the huge email conversation consisting of 20+ emails I had with the fellow writer (psst brainstorming is messy). I added a title/bullet points and it looked much crisper and organized:


~Step Three: Start Writing~

I tried planning this novel many times but it never panned out, so this time I’m trying to just write what comes into my head. Fun, right? It’s darn scary. I’m off to begin writing!




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