Get to Know Me Tag

I’ve seen these tags on my friends’ blogs but have never tried one out myself. There’s a first time for everything! I grabbed the “Get to Know Me” tag questions.

~Vital Stats~

Name: Madison
Nicknames: Maddy, Maddy girl
Place of Birth: Austin, Texas
Star sign: Uhh I looked it up one time. Maybe Libra?


Best friend: My cousin, Anna.

Award: My first reward was probably for gymnastics…I don’t remember 🙂
Sport: Gymnastics.
Real holiday:  Probably the beach or visiting Alabama with my parents.
Concert: Oh gosh. Maybe Tim Hawkins? We don’t really go to concerts.



Film: Captain America: The First Avenger.
TV Show: Psych!
Color: Blue.
Song: This changes often. 🙂 Right now: Angel’s Calling by The Tenors.
Restaurant: P. Terry’s  or Chick-fil-a
Books: Mm I haven’t read any books recently. I like Killer Angels and the Percy Jackson series.


Feeling: Really well. A little guilty that I’m working on this instead of school 🙂
Single or taken:  Taken – courting a wonderful guy from a family we’ve been friends with for nearly 10 years. Proof of that (taken eight years ago, but we definitely knew them before):
This is the earliest picture I could find that we were both in – his face is half cut-off and mine is covered by snake in a jar.
I was also very attractive back then. Gotta love the blinking face…
Eating: Just finished a breakfast taco from Coffee Dog.
Watching: When Calls the Heart
Wearing:Shorts, Keds, and a Texas A&M tshirt.


Ha totally not kidding!
Want Children: Definitely.
Want to be married: Yes.
Careers in mind: Nursing, marketing/digital artist, illustrator. Otherwise, stay-at-home mom. 🙂
Where you want to live: Close to home but Colorado would be amazing.

~Do You Believe In~

God: Yes, definitely.
Miracles: Yes.
Love at first sight: Not really.
Ghosts: No, not visible spirits walking/floating around on earth.
Aliens: No.
Soul Mates:I think there’s a person God wants you to be with but not soul mates exactly.
Heaven: Yes.
Hell: Yes.
Kissing on the first Date: That’s a no-no. You don’t know someone well enough then.
Yourself: Sometimes? 🙂


This was fun!! I’ll be doing more of these whenever I’m working on a more in-depth post.

See you around,



**All photos are found off Pinterest or are mine.


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