I missed my post on Wednesday (if I forgot to mention it, I’m trying to write/post weekly posts on Wednesdays) and am just now getting to the update – sorry!

There are 7 draft posts in my queue that I’ve been working on but none of them are quite ready yet, so here’s a small update.



We’ve been building a house on 60 acres and it’s been a little over nine months since we broke ground. It’s finally almost finished! This picture is from a few weeks ago. We moved in last Tuesday but we’re still working on getting some furniture and landscaping done – besides building a small temporary  fence for our basset hound. There’s been some trouble with electricity and plumbing but I’m sure those will be fixed in the next couple weeks.

I’d like to do a small house tour for fun as soon as we have the couch, rugs, and other basic furniture in so keep an eye out for that!


Avoiding researching universities, studying math for the SAT, and deciding whether or not to try to attend college early in spring 2017 (instead of fall) have been my recent hobbies. Now that we’ve moved, I’m sitting down and making a list of everything I need to do. It sounds productive, but so far it only looks like this:

  1. Research which nearby universities allow spring admissions
  2. Narrow choices down to two majors
  3. Re-do Algebra 2 lessons

So not too exhaustive yet. I’ll get there 🙂


I visited Texas A&M University, where my older brother Corder currently attends, again last week and loved it much more than I did the last trip up.  Everything was alive and green this time! TAMU is one of my top choices so it was nice to walk around campus by myself and with my brother and his girlfriend, Claudia. I got a general idea of what it would be like to go to classes and the restaurants around town. And Claudia invited me to sit into her studio art class which was incredible! She’s majoring in Visualization (computer animation/art) which is one of my major choices as well – an awesome cawinkydink.


I recently started alpha reading a friend’s novel (The Left-Handed Typist) and it’s making me want to start my own story again. If you’ve checked out my WRITE page, you know I have several stories going on right now but none of them are passed the planning/pinning-Pinterest-inspiration stages yet.

One of my draft blog posts is another peak inside the story about a story I’m trying to nail down. I hope either this upcoming story in or The Davidson Effect will fit into my schedule to work on. I’ll keep you posted!


How was your Easter? Our celebration was more laid back than normal but our church did a beautiful ceremony that makes me love this church even more. We all gathered around a crude cross covered in chicken wire and sang hymns along with a guitar as everyone tucked flowers in the wire. As the last song finished, the cross was completely covered in flowers and the wire was no longer visible – it was gorgeous! I’m so glad our pastor snapped before and after pictures:

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

What traditions do you celebrate for Easter?

See you next time – I’m off to check off items on my to-do list…




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