A Peak Inside the Story: The Davidson Effect

So far there have been a random toss of posts – beauty (falls under the create category) , history (the learn category), and an odd “hello” post. Why not complete the mix of posting one post for each category and have something about writing? I apologize for my unorganized logic.

So let’s get things started! This little fellow  – The Davidson Effect – is my second completed not really novel. I’ve had over five gutted drafts and dozens of Google Docs filled with quotes and ideas and brainstorming. And somehow I still have no draft to edit because I can’t make up my darn mind about the plot.

To give you an idea of the story, here’s a collage (psst collages are the best).


~Meet the Characters~


The main character is Travis Davidson: a sarcastic know-nothing little squirt who is taken down his high horse (being the son of a rich city figure will do that to you. It’s not your fault, baby) throughout the story. He’s a mix of these three fellows.

This story probably has the most characters of any plot I’ve worked on so bear with me.

We have Team Travis:


Beau and Stacy are adorable, nerdy kids. Beau has always got his nose in a book and Stacy is very tech savvy. Augustus worked for Travis’ father as head of security and helps Travis escape when the fighting starts. Sebastian – or Bash – is a trainer at Fort Albatross.

The other characters, who own/live in Fort Albatross (see below) – Team Albatross:


Bernard Bruckman, a rich and influential city man, owns the old military fort on the edge of town. Hunter is his first in command, his right hand man, his first guy to yell atwhen trouble strikes….you get the idea.

Aaand Team Charries Who Can’t Decide Whether to Stay in the Story or Not and Might Make Me Write a Sequel Just for Them (Nice name, right? We’ll go with Team Sequel for short): 


As you can see, the people have no idea what they’re doing. I have a kid and grown-up version of Ryder and Lexi’s actual name is Amanda. She changed it to Lexi. Thanks for that, by the way.  Meg was supposed to be the love interest while Cat is Beau’s sister and Steven is Stacy’s brother. We’ll see if they can squeeze their way into the story without having too much going on.

I have a love-hate relationship with the ones that managed to stick with this story. It’s weird. Like I don’t like Stacy’s character as much but she needed to stay. Ugh, come on, Stacy.

~See the Location~

The story takes place in a large city called Fort Albatross, named for an old military fort on the edge of the city. After the city is attacked by mobs of masked men, some people manage to make it out of the rioting (including Travis) and are welcomed into the military fort.

There are seriously no good pictures when trying to find buildings/features in my mind. Ugh.


The fort sits on a small peninsula on the edge of a lake, a bridge branching across the span of the lake on the city-side. The training buildings and offices square around a large courtyard where training later takes place after the city is attacked. A high fence surrounds the property on the three sides that aren’t against the lake.


That’s all for now! If I keep writing, I’m afraid I’ll let something important loose. 🙂


How did you like this look into the story? Want to see more? What stories are you writing?


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