My 7 Minute Makeup Routine

*I am by no means a professional. Everything I do is based purely on experimentation and may not be the best way to do it*

I never can pull off lots of makeup and envy the ladies who can look amazing in heavy eye shadow and a bold lipstick. With my heavy eyelids, even my eyeliner rubs off on my top lid so I don’t even wear it often. And I don’t particularly like bringing attention to my braces by sporting a red lipstick.

But I still love putting on makeup and attempt to follow a short routine every morning for a more natural look. Here’s how I do it!


First off, start with a clean slate. Enjoy my darling puffy eyes and fresh-out-of-the-shower hair.


Now throw that hair into a bun and lather up your favorite face wash. You’ll look lovely, I promise. Ignore the fact that you’ll have to redo your hair again.


Next prep your face for the heavier makeup – either with lotion or BB cream. I like to squeeze and wipe the BB cream directly on my face instead of on the beauty blender. It’s faster.


Now blend it in with the beauty blender.


Next grab your “heavier” makeup, or whatever you want to use to cover up blemishes, acne, or scars.


Dip the tip of the beauty blender in the foundation and dab it under your eyes and over acne/red spots. Try not to put this heavy makeup all over your face – we’re emphasizing our natural beauty, not covering it up, ladies. Now blend it in.


Grab your powder and dust a light layer over your entire face, to set the foundation and help blend everything. I always feel like those rich ladies in the movies who send up a cloud of dust as they smother their faces in the gigantic, soft pillow-like brushes. Where can I find one of those brushes??? Sorry, I’m weird.


Brush some blush over those cheeks – curving from the apple up on your cheekbones to almost your temple.


Put on a one or two of five layers of mascara.


I was born without the thick, luscious lashes and brows so some days I add a brow pencil to my routine.


Finish up with your favorite lip gloss or chap stick….


…and you’re done! Quick, simple, and not loads of makeup!

What is your makeup routine?




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