Hello there!

If you already checked out my “About Me” page, you saw that I am currently a 17-year-old junior who is planning on graduating this fall – 2016.  As life is surprisingly slowing down a little bit since I am finishing up my last few courses in highschool, I have more free time than I know what to do with! Hence the new blog – MissMaddyCakes.

With all this free time, I hope to complete and record on here the many activities I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Just to give you an idea (I have a long list), here are a few of my goals for the next couple years.

  • Keep up with a blog
  • Write a children’s book
  • Publish a full-length novel
  • Improve my cooking skills
  • Become more organized
  • Get a part-time job
  • Prepare for college (and take the SAT. Yikes.)
  • Begin college
  • Improve my drawing skills
  • Become more fluent in Spanish
  • Read more
  • Exercise more
  • Make a movie “to watch” list
  • Create my own business

I’m sure I will collect many more goals as I go, but these are what I hope to post about in the future – as well as photos and stories about family and friends.

Now that that’s out of the way, welcome!

I’ve started a few blogs in the past but not one of them managed to last longer than a couple of months so I hope to make this the one survive!



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